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Imagination Storybooks

Imagination Storybooks is part of Imagination Videobooks, Inc., a Nonprofit founded in 2019 by Richard Rieman to fill a gap that exists for over 5 million blind, deaf, and neurodiverse children with special learning challenges.

Imagination Storybooks has a channel on The Described and Captioned Media Program, DCMP, which provides free access to teacher tools & accessible educational videos & TV shows for families & educators with at least one student with a disability.

Imagination Storybooks is also affiliated with the American Council of the Blind’s (ACB) Audio Description Project (ADP) to promote and advocate for the use of high-quality Audio Description and American Sign Language in children’s books, television, movies, performing arts, and other venues where the presentation of visual media is critical to the understanding and appreciation of the content for children with special needs.

Our mission is to reinforce children’s core values, such as kindness and empowerment, through the creative forces of children’s book authors, illustrators, publishers, and narrators.

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About Richard Rieman,
Founder and CEO, Imagination Storybooks

Richard-Rieman, Founder & CEO, Imagination Videobooks, a 501(c)3 Nonprofit

Richard Rieman, “The Storybook Wizard,” is an acclaimed authority on audio self-publishing. He has narrated and produced hundreds of Indie-published audiobooks. He is the author of the Global eBook Awards Gold Medal Winner in Writing/Publishing, “The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation.”

Richard is a Gold Medal National Ben Franklin Independent Book Publishers Assn. (IBPA) Award Winner for Audiobook Nonfiction and a 5-time winner of the EVVY Award for audiobook narration and production.

Richard is a former guide and racing instructor for visually impaired skiers and a volunteer narrator for Learning Ally. He is a member of the DEI Committees at three associations, the Independent Book Publishers, the Audio Publishers, and The Professional Audiobook Narrators. Richard has progressive Glaucoma and he is gradually losing his eyesight, but not his vision.

Dominic Dezzutti

Dominic Dezzutti

Dominic joins us after many years at PBS. He is a Media Solutions expert, Former Host and Producer of the Emmy Award winning series, Colorado Inside Out, and also comes with a vast knowledge of strategy for communication systems. Dominic is very excited about Imagination Videobooks Storybooks, having people close to him with both hearing and vision impairment.