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2022 Gold Davey Award Winner for Creativity in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

A picture of the "Illustrated Audiobooks with the Audiobook Wizard" logo with the Wizard's chubby-cheeked face, along with credits for the podcast and a photo of the Davey Awards Gold Statue.

Imagination Videobooks has won the 2022 Gold Davey Award for Creativity in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for our podcast Illustrated Audiobooks with the Audiobook Wizard.

Special congrats to our Podcast Producer Heather Sackrison, our Audio Describer Bonnie Barlow, and our Executive Producer Chris Snyder!

The Davey Awards exclusively honor the “Davids” of creativity, the finest small shops, firms, agencies, and companies worldwide. David defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock. The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the “Creative Davids”, who derive their strength from big ideas rather than big budgets. 

Thank you for your support in making Winnie-the-Pooh accessible.

The World Premiere - 8 October 2022

Winnie-the-Pooh world premier - get your tickets. Image of Pooh bear floating away on a balloon and Piglet with a heart
Illustrated audiobooks podcast with an image of the audiobook wizard, Richard Rieman and award trophy

Our Podcast “Illustrated Audiobooks with the Audiobook Wizard” has just won a prestigious International Communicator Gold Award for podcast storytelling for our children’s picture books with audio description of the illustrations.

“The Award of Excellence, our highest honor, is given to those entrants whose ability to communicate positions them as the best in the field.”

The Communicator Awards is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, an invitation-only group consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms. AIVA members include executives from organizations like Amazon, Disney, ESPN, IBM, The Nation of Artists, Spotify, Time, Inc., the Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, and Wired.

Chris Snyder Winner of SOVAS award 2021

Voice Actor: Chris Snyder
Title: Imagination Videobooks/Jenny Noon the Girl on the Moon

The amazing Chris Snyder, Imagination Videobooks Narrator and Audio Producer, is the winner of prestigious SOVAS – Society of Voice Arts and Sciences – Award, in the new category of audio description in films.

Additional Credits – Voice Actor: Chris Snyder, Voice Actor: Tia Shearer Bassett, Producer: Richard Rieman, Copywriter: Bonnie Barlow, Audio Engineer: Chris Snyder, Creative Director: Daniele Lanzarotta

“On the cover, on a background of blue sky and gold stars with hills and valleys below, a blonde girl holds a net with a star-shaped frame. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail and she wears a red knit cap. Her blue shirt sports a crescent moon decoration on a pocket. Beside her, a gray and white cat gazes up at her. The title, “Jenny Noon: The Girl On The Moon.”

Denver's CBSN-TV - Winnie the Pooh release interview

Richard Rieman, Founder and CEO of  Imagination Videobooks makes a special appearance on Denver’s CBSN-TV.

ACB Award Certificate

American Council of the Blind Award

Imagination Videobooks Wins Special Recognition Award in Support of Literacy for Blind Children – read more here

Dominic Dezzutti

Dominic Dezzutti

Dominic joins us after many years at PBS. He is a Media Solutions expert, Former Host and Producer of the Emmy Award winning series, Colorado Inside Out, and also comes with a vast knowledge of strategy for communication systems. Dominic is very excited about Imagination Videobooks Storybooks, having people close to him with both hearing and vision impairment.