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Richard Rieman Illustrated Audiobook podcast

WINNER of the International Communicator Award for Best Storytelling Podcast! The Audiobook Wizard partners with Imagination Storybooks and its audiobook division, Illustrated Audiobooks, to create and publish accessible audiobooks and videobooks from existing illustrated children’s books. Our audiobooks include audio description (AD) for children who are blind or have low vision. The mission of Imagination Storybooks, a 501c3 Nonprofit, is simple. We believe all children should have equal access to early education.

Dominic Dezzutti

Dominic Dezzutti

Dominic joins us after many years at PBS. He is a Media Solutions expert, Former Host and Producer of the Emmy Award winning series, Colorado Inside Out, and also comes with a vast knowledge of strategy for communication systems. Dominic is very excited about Imagination Videobooks Storybooks, having people close to him with both hearing and vision impairment.